Rv Inspection Orange County

Most Common Questions

What is the best rv?

Which is better, a new RV or used?

There are advantages to both. With new, you can be the first user,get the best warranty and often the best interest on a loan, but you will pay new RV prices and lose up to 20% of its value when it leaves the dealership.

Used RVs have a lower purchase price, don't depreciate as fast and have the factory problems worked out, but they may have other issues just from being used.

Which brand of RV is best?

This is the most common question I get asked, and there is no easy answer. Lets consider motor homes, there are only 2 chassis manufactures on gas motorhomes (Ford and GM). Both are great. Diesel coaches basically only have 2 chassis. All the appliances are made by one of two companies, so the only things unique from brand to brand is the body and interior. 

The most important factor is how well it was maintained.

What should I be looking for when shopping for an RV?

There are many things to consider. The most important is price: Try to spend no more than 80 percent of your budgeted purchase price.

Length: If you plan on parking it at home, you will want one that will fit.

Interior layout: Walk inside of many RV's  to get a feel of what suits you best.

Mileage: With miles you have to consider 2 things, how many miles it currently has, and what will be the mileage when you intend on selling it. 100,000 miles on a gas motor home  is considered very high and the chances of major drive train problems are greater.

Should I buy gas or diesel?

There are advantages to both. Gas motor homes have a lower purchase price and a little less maintenance cost, however they are more limited on towing, size and total miles.

Diesel pushers can go 400,000 miles or more with good maintenance, they can tow more weight and are available up to 45 feet long.

What type of motor home is better? Class A or Class C?

Neither is better than the other. It depends on your needs. A big disadvantage of a class C is sleeping in the overhead bed. Great for kids, but if you are like me and have to get up in the night, it gets to be awkward.

A big misconception is that class C motor homes are easier to drive. That was true 25 years ago, but since then the class A has a "set back" front axle and often turn better than a class C  you also have greater visibility in a class A.

Don't be concerned about length while driving. A 35 foot RV goes down the road the same as a 24 foot one.  With parking, all length of RVs will require parking it in a far away spot, also your not going to be pulling up to the front door of Rite Aid and parking.